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“Directors play a critical role in their agency’s performance.  They can drive success, be benignly neutral or actually be the weakest link in the agency’s governance-executive-management chain.”

Governance Assessments

Assessments are a governance “check-up” which can identify organizational & procedural flaws before they lead to problems.

Recruitment & On-Boarding

Leadership quality and board continuity are maintained through an effective recruitment and onboarding process.

Board Education

Boards need to be committed to a structured continuing education process that is supported by all directors.

Board Crisis Management

During a crisis, knowledgeable and experienced support can help the board make well-informed leadership decisions.

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Building Better Nonprofit Boards

Northampton Advisors was created to improve the performance of nonprofit organizations by strengthening their governance function. Northampton Advisors helps boards build effective governance structures and works to equip directors with the knowledge they need to meet the expectations placed upon them by their agency and the rules under which it operates.

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Northampton Advisors

Building Better Nonprofit Boards

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The Governance Blog is for people who serve on nonprofit boards.


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